Backups, updates, multilingual support & security scans are always included

Our plans offer these features


Complete copy of your website, stored in our secured datacenter.

The frequency of backups changes according to your needs, so that you may choose a backup on a weekly basis, or even an hourly basis. We only retrieve changes since the last backup in order to minimize the impact on your hosting provider. Restoring a backup can be performed at your request at any time.


Installation of WordPress, plugin and theme updates.

We read the changes (changelog) of every release before applying them to your site. Following an update, we validate that your website still operates properly.

In case of problem, we can restore the previous backup and/or provide you with an estimate in order to fix the issue.

Multilingual Support

Whether your website uses one language, is bilingual or multilingual, we can provide a plan that caters to you.

Language management requires a particular attention to details, in order to ensure that any changes on your website are properly reflected in all languages. We master the use of WPML, Polylang, qTranslate and other techniques related to multilingual requirements.

Security Scans

Security scans lets you ensure that all the files hosted by your hosting provider are not infected when we do a backup.

This automated analysis of your website reduces security risks, potential infections or intrusions from third-parties. As soon as we uncover an issue, you will be immediately notified, in order to determine any cleanup efforts.

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Availability (Monitoring)

Availability means that your website is available and allows visitors to use all of its functionality.

That your website is available to your clients and visitors is critical to your business on the internet. For this reason, we can monitor every 15 minutes, 5 minutes or even 1 minute. You'll be advised of any availability problem the moment an outage is detected.

Monthly Report

Every month, you will receive a report of any work maintenance work performed on your website.

This report contains the list of all updates performed on your WordPress install, as well as the results of any included analysis based on your plan. This information will provided evidence as to how your site performs, what's been fixed and what might need your attention.


Performance analysis allows us to evaluate the speed at which your website loads.

These analysis are performed through Google PageSpeed and YSlow from Yahoo! These include recommendations to improve the loading time of the site. Speed is a criteria by which websites are evaluated for search engine rankings.


Nobody wants to see their website hacked.

Even when using all the necessary precautions, something bad can happen. We offer the cleanup of your site in order to bring it back to the state it was before the attack, and we'll then correct the vulnerability which allowed the infection in the first place.


We support website which perform online transactions.

Backups are performed more frequently and availability monitoring is also more stringent, in order to quickly detect any problem which might affect online sales.

WordPress Multisite

WordPress provides the ability to create multiple websites on a single installation.

If your WordPress installation uses Multisite, our service can handle your network of websites without having to purchase a plan for every individual site. You'll need a custom plan, we invite you to contact us.

Staging Environment

The use of a staging environment allows us to create a copy of your site elsewhere in order to test updates on this staging site.

Once quality assurance has been performed, updates can be applied on your production website. This approach minimizes risks to your live website.



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