We ensure the maintenance, security and performance of your WordPress site.

We ensure the maintenance, security and performance of your WordPress site.

We know your website is an indispensable tool to your business

That's why our team of professionals use proven automated methods and systems you can trust to provide your WordPress site with the complete care it deserves.


Complete copies of your website, stored and secured in the cloud


Installation of updates and validation of their proper functioning


Regular analysis of your website for any security risks, infections or intrusions


24/7 monitoring of your site notifying us of any issue


Clone of your website in order to minimize risks of applying updates


Disinfection of your website in event of hacking and/or intrusion


Analysis of the performance of your site and improvement recommendations


Hourly custom work of any kind, when you need it the most

Customized Report

Every month, you'll receive a complete report of the maintenance work performed, security updates, uptime and visitor stats.



Some Numbers


Lack of maintenance

Percentage of websites that have been hacked due to the lack of WordPress, plugin or theme updates


Invisible Hacking

Percentage of website hacked in a non-visible way, where only a security scan can detect an infection

Compromised Files

Number of files in average which must be cleaned following a website attack

Trust professionals forthe management and the security of your WordPress site

They Trust Us