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HTTPS : 3 Good Reasons to Convert your Website

When you’ll read these lines, Google will have already launched its offensive against website which offer mixed content. If your website has been converted to HTTPS but your pages contain mixed content, ie images, videos or scripts that are unsecured (HTTP), they will not be displayed  and will even be blocked by Chrome’s version 79…


WordCamp Montréal 2020 is at risk

I participated to my first WordCamp Montreal in 2011. That first time was remarkable for a number of reasons. In addition to learning a ton of things on the WordPress ecosystem and discovering a generous community, it was that year that I met Jean-François Arseneault, also Co-Founder of SatelliteWP. Over the years, my role in…


SatelliteWP at WordCamp Ottawa 2019

On July 13-14th 2019 was held WordCamp Ottawa 2019 on the beautiful campus of Carleton University, alongside the Rideau river. SatelliteWP was there to present on the topic of project management in a WordPress context, sharing a decade’s worth of experience.   The Event Ottawa is the closest city from our offices, besides Montreal, that…


A new astronaut with SatelliteWP!

Since communication is one of my specialties, I couldn’t let one of my new colleagues write up the announcement of my arrival to SatelliteWP! I will not be discussing programming or plugins since I come from a somewhat different planet, which allows me to perfectly complement the team in place. My conversations will preferably be…

PO Merger

PO Merger for WP-CLI: The WordPress Translation Simplifier

In this article, the second in a series of two on translation in a WordPress environment, I would like to describe the steps involved in conceptualizing and developing the tool PO Merger and its use. The problem that led to the creation of the tool is explained in the first article of this series and…

WordPress Traduction

Translating WordPress: Sharing & Automation

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that most people on the web would like their achievements to be available in all languages. This has the benefit of attracting and informing the greatest number of visitors or clients. The rapidly growing popularity of the WordPress platform around the globe has underlined the importance of delivering translated…

Tips for using colour in website design

Tips for using colour in website design

From time to time, we’ll invite web professionals to guest blog on the SatelliteWP website. This week, Alison Knott,  a web and branding consultant at Alison K Consulting based out of Halifax, discusses the use of colour in web design.   Using colour in website design can seem like a small detail. Often, we take colour…

Marie-Philippe Gill

SatelliteWP Rewards Marie-Philippe Gill for her Involvement

My name is Maxime and I’m the Co-Founder of SatelliteWP. I was a full-time student for more than 5 years in Computer Science. In a group of about 70 students, we’d be lucky if there were 5 women in the room, for a male / female ratio below 10%. Ouch! I remember at the time wanting…

WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5 is now available!

It’s official! WordPress 5.0 is now available. If you do not own a WordPress maintenance plan from us and you manage your own site, we strongly suggest that you do not update to this version for a couple of weeks. WordPress 5.0 introduces major changes to the content editor and that could impact negatively your…

WordPress 5.0 - Gutenberg

WordPress 5.0 is coming. What’s going to happen?

If you follow the WordPress news, you know that the launch of version 5.0 is coming. This could happen in November (we doubt it) or at the beginning of 2019. This major version could create problems on your website depending on your current setup. As WordPress experts performing maintenance work, we recently got in touch…

WordPress disguised minor update

Warning: WordPress 4.9.6 Really is a Major Update

We are days away from 4.9.6. This is no minor release. If releasing Gutenberg, the new website editor, is a statement for WordPress version 5.0, this next update is for GDPR and really should be using a different version number such as 4.10… even if WordPress never went past “.9” in previous versions.   Why does this…


Understanding the different types of hosting for WordPress

Launching a WordPress website online means having hosting. There are numerous types of hosting to consider, each of which have their benefits, pitfalls and target groups.   Free Hosted Service wordpress.com is a free platform that is maintained and owned by Automattic. Automattic is owned by Matt Mullenweg, who is the benevolent dictator for life…