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Is your WordPress site is hacked?

Hacked Website

This means that your reputation and data are at risk. It is important to act quickly and solve the problem right away.

Our WordPress Hack Cleanup service is used to avert the threat so that you can regain control of your website and your hosting account, knowing that the problem is definitely solved.

Our WordPress experts can help you quickly resolve the problem.

I need to disinfect my site

Does your WordPress site need to be disinfected?

Our experts can act quickly to start the disinfection of your WordPress site.

What is the disinfection of a hacked WordPress site?


Full scan

We start our investigation with a complete scan of your web hosting account. This allows us to identify the source of the problem in order to solve the root cause.



We remove any files deemed non-required for your website’s proper functioning. We perform a in-depth scan of your database to ensure no malicious code is present.



All system passwords are reset and are provided back to you. Then, we generate new encryption keys for your WordPress site.



We install and configure a security plugin to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Our approach is based on prevention, not reaction.



When your WordPress site was hacked, it may have ended up onblacklists. All requests will be made to remove your website from these blacklists as soon as possible.



Following the repair of your website, a report will be provided to you listing all the work that was performed. The resolved issues will be identified, along with a list of recommendations that will help you make the necessary changes to avoid the situation from reoccurring.



We will review the list of homework that our team will have for you. Security is a daily effort and it will be important to follow the best security practices from now on!



Once the work is complete, we will configure your maintenance plan for your website. In the future, we will be able to use a preventive approach so that the updates, backups and security scans are performed regularly. You’ll be able to sleep soundly while we manage your infrastructure!

On average, a website is attacked 94 times a day. More than 44% of web professionals fail to discuss security before starting a relationship with a client.

source: Sucuri Web Pro Security Survey, 2020.

On average, a website is attacked 94 times a day.

source: Sucuri Web Pro Security Survey, 2020.

Does your site need to be disinfected?

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