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On a daily basis, we use a lot of tools to enable our clients to achieve their business objectives.

This page brings together some of these tools that might also be useful to you.

Before being chosen, these tools must be validated so that their context of use applies to your needs.

Domain names


NameCheap is known for its domain name sales service. Many other services are offered there, but we use their services mainly for the purchase of domain names.

Visit the NameCheap website

Web Hosting


Kinsta is a WordPress hosting company powered by the Google Cloud platform and their premium network. It has been ranked the best WordPress host 5 years in a row by Review Signal. Host your WordPress site on one of their 20 data centers around the world and benefit from the HTTP/2 CDN and premium DNS included. Your resources are 100% private and are not shared, not even between your sites. Check out the Kinsta difference now!

Visit Kinsta's website


PlanetHoster is a web hosting company, domain name registration, SSL certificate sales and Internet solutions. The company has its own redundant IP network. It serves more than 60,000 customers using its hybrid cloud infrastructure distributed across its facilities in France and Canada.

Visit the PlanetHoster website

Web Hosting Canada

Web Hosting Canada (WHC) is based in Montreal, Quebec and has distinguished itself since 2003 by the security and reliability of its service, with more than 30,000 active customers in Canada and internationally. WHC is a registered registrar of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), an official partner of cPanel, CloudLinux and SpamExperts.

Visit the WHC website


DigitalOcean is a web host offering virtualized and unmanaged solutions. This company has a division in Canada and a data centre in Toronto. We recommend this solution for medium to high volume sites. Advanced technical knowledge is required to assess the quality of service and overall experience. SatelliteWP uses DigitalOcean’s hosting services.

Visit the DigitalOcean website

WordPress Plugins


BeaverBuilder is the page builder we use for our projects. More than 500,000 websites use it. Robust and versatile, it is quite easy to use for a neophyte but offers all the power desired for a programmer.

Visit the BeaverBuilder website

WP Rocket

When it comes to talking about optimization, WP Rocket is the only plugin we recommend to improve the performance of a WordPress site. Easy to use and offering a host of relevant options, it is not for nothing that SatelliteWP is involved in the development of the extension and offers an advanced configuration for Nginx to make WP Rocket even faster.

Visit the WP Rocket website


The Toolset suite of plugins adds and expands the possibilities offered by WordPress by adding the ability to manage several types of additional content, categorize them and establish complex relationships, functions that are typically offered by more expensive technologies. And all without having to write PHP.

Visit the Toolset website


When it comes to forms, our choice is gravityforms. Not only does it offer all the advanced features to create complex and dynamic forms, but a set of extensions are also available to integrate multiple third-party platforms.

Visit the GravityForms website



We use the Teamwork suite (Projects, Desk and Chat) for our project management, customer communications and internal communications. The tools are powerful and make it possible to be efficient both in the office and on the go.

Visit the Teamwork website

Google Workspace

Managing emails and online applications is critical to our business and we use Google’s suite on a daily basis. Email management directly in your web hosting account? Oh no!

Visit the Google Workspace site

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