Your WordPress website is essential

Your website is a full-fledged member of your team that’s never on break and doesn’t call in sick ever.

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We know that a website is essential to your business development efforts.

We offer a full range of services, but not all businessess have the same needs.

Our experts can help you determine which services fit with your business objectives via a personalized consultation.

Answering these questions will require less than 2 minutes of your time and our team will be able to guide you acording to your specific requirements!

Say goodbye to stress!

Technological challenges abound and can quickly become complex But they shouldn’t affect your daily life.

Your website is showing an error message? Not your problem anymore!

Our services are built to let you focus on growing your business while we manage the technical aspects of your WordPress website.

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Preventative Maintenance

A website is like a car

Your website must be cared for on a continuous basis if you’d like to avoid bad surprises! It therefore needs ongoing preventative maintenance to perform at peak efficiency. This will prevent you from losing money down the road!

Backups and updates are to your website what oil change and tire rotation are to a car. In both cases, they’re essential!

At SatelliteWP, we believe that maintenance plans are the basis on which to build a solid foundation.

You may also begin with our WordPress Website Analysis, which is a complete health assessment of your website.

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« I built my own website a few years ago. Today, I have more than 500,000 people each year visiting it.

Thanks to the help of SatelliteWP, I can focus my energy where it matters and have the peace of mind that my website is up to date, secured and fast. »

Caroline Cloutier

A secured website

Your website is attacked 94 times per day on average

Whether you have an e-commerce site with sensitive customer contact details or a blog sharing tips with your readers, you are generating data and have a web hosting account that could be exploited. That’s worth gold on the web!

Your business is a target

You might think your business is too small to be attacked? Or that your industry is not of interest to web hackers who only break into large corporate systems? Not true. Any business is susceptible to a web attack.

I want to protect my WordPress site
My website was hacked

At top speed

Be lightning fast

There is a direct correlation between how quickly your pages load and the percentage of visitors who will continue to visit your site. Some studies even show a direct link between speed and online sales where the conversion rate would be doubled for sites that load in less than 2 seconds.

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Web Hosting Migration

The grass is sometimes greener elsewhere…

Your site has evolved and your current web hosting no longer meets your needs?

We regularly migrate WordPress sites from one web host to another. Whether your site is large or small, simple or complex, our team has the technical skills to make your migration a success.

I want to migrate my website

Consult with an expert

Thousands of hours of practice

The WordPress environment is vast and you can easily get lost. Even if all roads may lead to Rome, only one is optimal.

Not only do we know the various possibilities to solve your problems, but we will be able to suggest the best one for your situation!

With SatelliteWP, you will have access to a team of experts who can answer all your WordPress questions and on the web in general.

Getting the right answer when you need it, how much is it worth?

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