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WordPress Automated Backups

Automated Backup Process

Our automated processes back up your website daily, with no impact to your website’s performance or the storage allowed by your web hosting account.

Whether your site is personal or commercial, simple or complex, our team has the technical skills to ensure complete and functional backups.

Our WordPress experts can help you safekeep a copy of your website in case of need.

I want backups for my website

Want to sleep with peace of mind?

Our experts can set up backups for your WordPress site.

What does backing up
a WordPress website look like?


In order to start the backups, you provide us with access to your website in order to install and configure a plugin which will ensure the management of the backups.


The initial backup will take all the files associated with your WordPress site as well as the database containing all your data.

Backup Integrity Tests

Once the backup copy is complete, we restore and test your site on a temporary server, in order to confirm that the backup is complete and functional if the need to use it should arise.

Security Scan

After each backup, a complete scan of the files and the database is carried out in order to detect any infection or trace of intrusion to your site. If a threat is discovered, you will be notified immediately.


We keep a 90-day history of backups, allowing you to restore an old version of your site if a problem arises without you noticing it right away.


In the event that it is necessary to restore an old version of your site, we will ask you for what day, then we will restore your website to your hosting account.

Fees may apply, please contact us for more details

Two Plans Available

Backup + Security

  • Daily Backups
  • Backup Integrity Tests
  • 90-Day Retention
  • Daily Security Scans
  • Threat Detection Notification
  • Monthly Report

Backup Only

  • Daily Backups
  • Backup Integrity Tests
  • 90-Day Retention
  • Monthly Report