HTTPS Conversion for WordPress

HTTPS Conversion

Installer un certificat SSL

The data transfer between your website and your visitors must be secure.

This applies if you have an e-commerce site, if your site allows your visitors fill forms or if you do not want to be penalized by search engines for your search engine optimizations (SEO).

Our WordPress experts can help you convert your site to HTTPS.

I want a HTTPS conversion for my site

Does your site need to be converted to HTTPS?

Our experts can help you convert your WordPress site to HTTPS.

What is the HTTPS conversion of a WordPress site?


Our team begins by making a backup of your current WordPress site before starting actual work.

SSL Certificate Installation

We install the SSL certificate and will configure it to function with your site.

Links modification

Our experts will then modify all the links directed towards different content of your WordPress site to ensure that they all now exclusively use the HTTPS protocole.

Website validation

Finally, our team validates the proper operationof your site with your new SSL certificate.

Why convert your site to HTTPS?


An SSL certificate allows a secure transmission during the exchange of information on your website and prevents data from being intercepted and stolen.


Using the HTTPS protocol provides confidence to your visitors that your site is secure and that you have the integrity of the data being shared with your business at heart.


For years now, search engines like Google positively affect the ranking positively affect the ranking of websites using the HTTPS protocol. This is another reason to consider!

Does your site need to be converted to HTTPS?

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