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There are many reasons why you’d want an in-depth review of your WordPress site or Health Assessment as we call it at SatelliteWP:

  • To make sure it’s been developed according to industry best practices;
  • To know the relative health of your website;
  • To make sure your data and that of your customers is safe and secure;
  • To confirm that your website provides you the flexibility to successfully grow your business.

Our WordPress experts will help ensure the business agility of your web site.

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The Health Assessment checks more than 75 points!

  • Domain name configuration
  • SSL certificate validation
  • Web Hosting Plan
  • PHP Configuration
  • Contents of the database
  • WordPress Configuration
  • File Structure
  • Theme Structure
  • Plugins Used
  • Plugin configurations
  • Available Updates
  • Security Scan
  • Users Validation
  • Homepage Speed check
  • Software License Validations
  • … and much more!

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What is a Health Assessment?

In-Depth Review

Our systems collect technical data from your domain name, web hosting and WordPress website. Then, a complete analysis of that data is carried out by one of our experts, based on our expertise of more than 15 years in web hosting and WordPress.

Colored Chips

A simple-to-follow system of colored chips is used for all the areas reviewed in the Health Assessment. Each chip provides a quick understanding of the criticality and speed with which each aspect must be dealt with in order to improve your website.


For each of the elements contained in the Health Assessment, if we deem that an adjustment would be desirable, we will issue a recommendation. These are simple to understand and you may fix them yourself or mandate us to do the work.

What are the steps to carrying out a Health Assessment?


System Credentials

Following the purchase of the Health Assessment, credentials to your web hosting and your WordPress site will be requested and validated in order to carry out the analysis.


Expert Analysis

A WordPress expert retrieves all the relevant information about your web hosting and website in order to validate if you’re following industry best practices.


Analysis Report

The WordPress expert in charge of the Health Assessment produces an exhaustive report following the analysis of the data collected during the previous phase. The report is then emailed to you.


Explanatory Call

As the report may contain technical terms that are not always easy to understand, an expert contacts you to explain each of the points contained in the report and answers all your questions.

Any questions on how we work?

Here’s what we get asked the most often!

The Free Analysis is done on the publicly-accessible portion of your website and gives us a rough idea of the cybersecurity risks and management taking place on your website.

The Health Assessment is a much more in-depth analysis. It provides a comprehensive overview of internal components, technology choices and personalized recommendations on how to comply with WordPress best practices.

No. You may purchase a standalone Health Assessment. If, however, you’d like the recommendations from your Health Assessment to be put in place by our team, you’d have to get a Maintenance Plan.

See our Maintenance Plans

You may request a Health Assessment at any time! If you don’t currently have an overall idea of the health of your website, now is the time! You should know that the Health Assessment provides you with a picture of your WordPress site at a specific time and that the health of your website will change over time.

A Health Assessment is comparable to a pre-delivery inspection following the construction of a house. This is a way to ensure that your website has been designed according to industry best practices, that all its components are up to date and that security and performance standards have been met.

Yes, so long as the security flaw is currently known. In most cases, we’ll be able to detect if your website is hacked.

Has your site been hacked? Check out our Malware Removal Service.

Yes! You benefit from a discount equivalent to the registration fee (up to $599) by purchasing a Maintenance Plan within 30 days of a completed Health Assessment. This discount does not apply if you purchase a Maintenance Plan more than 30 days after the Health Assessment is completed.

See our Maintenance Plans

No updates are performed during a Health Assessment.

You must purchase a Maintenance Plan if you want us to perform updates on your website, these will be done once the Health Assessment call is completed.

See our Maintenance Plans

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