Law 25 Compliance

A turnkey approach to comply to Law 25

Our technical compliance service with Law 25 uses a proven methodology to provide you with results that meet your expectations.

Our experts know all the subtleties of WordPress websites to provide a complete analysis of the issues related to Law 25 and the ways to comply with it, all while minimizing the impact for your visitors.

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I want to comply to Law 25

What obligations does Law 25 introduce?


An organization must appoint an officer responsible for protecting privacy data and publish this information on its website.


In the event of a privacy incident, everything must be recorded in a log and measures must be taken to correct the issue.


The verification or collection of biometric data must be disclosed to the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec.


Comply with new rules regarding the collection and use of personal information without consent.

Is your website’s compliance important?

Our experts can help you comply with the guidelines of Law 25.

What is technical compliance to Law 25?

1. Start the project

The initial meeting allows us to determine your goals, present the project team and agree on the stages and deadlines of the mandate.

2. Accessing your website

In order to begin work, you provide us with access to your site so that we may review its functionality and content.

3. Work analysis

A review of the data collection mechanisms, the nature of these mechanisms and the way you store the data are an integral part of our analysis.

4. Recommendations and tests

We provide you with our recommendations, we then carry out tests on a copy of your website to demonstrate their implementation.

5. Client validation

On a copy of your website, you can review how the recommended configuration works, we then adjust if necessary and can then confirm the final solution.

6. Deployment

The accepted solution is implemented on your website, everything is documented in a final report, a copy of which is provided to you.

Our service offering

Technical compliance

All our mandates begin with this service which includes all of the following elements:

  • Project start
  • Accessing your website
  • Work analysis
  • Configuration
  • Client validation
  • Deployment
  • Final report

Starting at $2,495 per website*

Additional fees may apply for websites with e-commerce.

Quarterly review

Get the assurance that your configuration remains valid over time:

  • Quarterly review
  • Verification of your configuration
  • Software update (as needed)
  • Technical adjustments
  • Data cleanup
  • Recommendations
  • Verification report

Starting at $895 anualy per website

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