WordPress Maintenance Plan Features

Options for managing all types of WordPress sites.



Full copy of your site, stored in a secure data center.

The frequency of backup copies varies according to your needs so that you can opt for one backup per day or realtime backups. We only back up what has been changed since the last backup in order to reduce the load on your host. The restoration of a backup can be done on request from your staff.


Install WordPress updates, plugins, and your theme.

We read the changes (changelog) of all updates before applying them. Following the updates, we make sure the website is still fully functional. In the event of a problem, we may restore the backup prior to the update and/or offer you a quote to fix any issues.

Updates must be available through your Dashboard using WordPress’ built-in process.


Periodic monitoring helps us validate that your website is accessible to your visitors.

That your site is always available to your customers and visitors is critical to your business on the internet. For this reason, we can check the availability of your homepage or different pages at different frequencies depending on your needs. All this will allow you to be aware of the availability of your website and to make changes if necessary.

Domain Name Expiration

Even the best website can’t work if you forget to renew your domain name.

That’s why our systems periodically check the expiration date of your domain name and notify us when that expiration approaches.

This way, we can make sure that you renew your domain name and prevent your site from going offline, or even worse, that someone else would buy your domain name.

* Available with select plans only

SSL Certificate Expiration

An expired SSL certificate will prevent your visitors from accessing your site.

Our systems constantly check the expiration date of your SSL certificate and notify us when this expiration is approaching.

Depending on the type of SSL certificate your site uses, we can make sure that it will automatically renew (or not) and save you a lot of trouble.

* Available with select plans only

Monthly Report

Each month, you receive a report of the maintenance work carried out during the previous month.

This report contains the list of all the fixes made to your WordPress site, as well as the results of any analysis carried out according to your chosen plan. This information allows you to see concretely how your site is performing, the points settled and what needs attention.

Don’t have a maintenance plan?

Ongoing maintenance by our team of experts
is the best way to keep your site up!


Security Plugin

The installation of a security plugin complements the security scan and allows additional checks to be made.

The plugin we use is configured not to impact the performance of your site.

It also generates useful information that our systems can receive and add to your monthly reports, in addition to notifying our team in the event of a significant problem.

Security Scan

The security scan validates that files recovered during a backup are not infected.

This regular analysis of your website reduces the risk of security, infection or intrusion by a third party.

As soon as we discover a problem, you are notified immediately, in order to determine the cleanup approach.


No one wants to see their website hacked.

Even if you take every precaution, it’s possible that such an unfortunate situation will occur. We offer to disinfect your site in order to bring it back to the state it was in before the attack and we will then correct the flaw which allowed the intrusion of your website.

* Available with select plans only

Web Application Firewall

A web application firewall identifies and blocks intrusion or login attempts even before the visitor reaches your website.

Our security systems allow the activation of an advanced firewall that will protect your WordPress site by blocking malicious requests from hackers or automated scripts.

Avoiding additional load on your site during these attempts will have a positive impact on the performance of your site, because it will be less solicited.

* Available with select plans only


Google Search Console

Google Search Console online tool allows you to validate several technical aspects of a website.

Google Search Console tracks different kinds of information about a website such as performance, broken links (404), user experience, and mobile visitor compatibility.

Our team follows up on these different aspects and will be able to advise you in order to correct any problems or opportunities that Google’s tool will bring back.

* Available with select plans only

Image Optimization

Image optimization consists of reducing the size of files in order to improve the loading speed of web pages.

The size of the images used has a direct impact on the weight of a page. By reducing the resolution of images, we reduce their weight and as a result, the images load faster for your visitors.

We use techniques and tools that allow us to reduce the number of image files on your site in addition to reducing their weight, all this without visible difference in terms of quality.

* Available with select plans only

Performance Scan

It’s important to regularly test the performance of a website to ensure that it remains fast to visitors.

Whether it’s to make your visitors happier or so that your SEO is not penalized, the performance of your website is critical to its success.

Performance scans at regular intervals can detect any problems before they impact your visitors’ satisfaction.

* Available with select plans only

Caching Strategy

Caching is the process of speeding up the loading speed of a site using different techniques and tools.

There are several levels of caching (server, WordPress, browser, …) and it is important to act at the right level in order to get the most impact. Unfortunately, it is not enough to add a caching plugin.

Our experts can analyze the performance of a site, the slowdown points as well as your business goals in order to define and configure a caching strategy that meets all the requirements, without affecting the visibility of the content for visitors.

* Available with select plans only

Do you have a maintenance plan?

Ongoing maintenance by our team of experts
is the best way to keep your site up!


Source Code Management

Each of our interventions in your WordPress site begins with a git commit.

When you ask us to make a change to your website’s files, we’ll take a copy of your theme that we add to a GIT repository. This keeps a history of all the changes that are made by our team in your site’s code.

* Available with select plans only

Test Environment

Using a test environment allows us to copy your website to a new environment to test the updates made to the site.

Once quality assurance is complete, changes are sent to your production environment. This is a preventive measure to avoid problems in production.

* Available with select plans only

Deployment via GIT

If you have automated deployment scenarios, we can integrate with that.

Our team has knowledge about the different git hosting providers (GitHub, BitBucket, Gitlab) as well as the different deployment mechanisms (git branches, git hooks, gitflow).

* Available with select plans only

Automated Error Detection

Code errors can have a big impact on the proper working of a WordPress site.

That’s why we’ve developed tools that allow us to collect any significant errors on your site. We can then analyze the cause, offer solutions to your developers or implement the necessary patches with your approval.

* Available with select plans only

Visual & Functional Tests

Visual and functional tests are used to automatically validate the proper functioning of a site following updates.

We use tools and techniques that allow us to set up automated tests for different types of interactions, whether it’s forms, online shopping or personalized features.

* Available with select plans only

Consultation & Strategy

Need top expertise for your web project using WordPress?

Our team has thousands of hours of experience to assist you in all the technical challenges you might encounter. Our professionals can assist you even if you are already working with another development team and we can even take over managing your web project.

We work together with you to make your project a success at all levels!

* Available with select plans only


Access to our Software Licenses

Adding advanced features often requires the purchase of plugin licenses… what if you could avoid those costs?

We have a large catalog of commercial plugins and it’s available to you at no additional cost.

Whether it’s to test new features or because they are required on your website, you’ll be able to benefit from these plugins for free.

* Available with select plans only

Access to the Project Manager

Tight management of requests and associated tasks is essential to the smooth running of a project.

Our team uses an online project management system that allows us to note all your requests, create the milestones and tasks required to complete them as well as document everything for future reference.

You can get access to your projects and thus communicate directly with our team and collaborate on some of the tasks.

* Available with select plans only

Priority Support

When you have an emergency, being able to count on a fast response time is paramount.

Our technical team dedicates certain moments of the week to deal with emergencies.

These same time blocks are also available to our customers who benefit from priority support, ensuring you a quick response for your queries.

* Available with select plans only

Bilingual Technical Support

The opportunity to be served in one’s language in Quebec is very dear to us.

That’s why all the members of our team are bilingual and will be happy to help you in the language of your choice.

Some of us speak additional languages and will be able to assist you in your mother tongue if necessary as well as communicate in writing in English and French as necessary.

* Available with select plans only

Don’t have a maintenance plan?

Ongoing maintenance by our team of experts
is the best way to keep your site up!

Additional Aspects


Performance analysis allows you to evaluate the speed of your site.

These analyses are done via the results of Google PageSpeed and YSlow from Yahoo! They include recommendations to improve the loading speed of the site. Speed is one of the criteria favoring the rank of your website in search engines.

Consult our service:
Performance Optimization

* Available with select plans only

Multilingual Support

Whether your website is unilingual, bilingual or multilingual, we offer a plan that can help with your situation.

Language management requires special attention to ensure that changes to your website are reflected correctly in all languages. We master WPML, Polylang, TranslatePress, MultilingualPress, qTranslate and other techniques related to multilingual management.

* Available with select plans only


We support websites that transact online.

Backups are made more frequently and the availability check is done in a shorter time in order to quickly detect and correct any problems that could affect online sales.

* Available with select plans only


WordPress offers the ability to create multiple websites through a single installation.

If your WordPress installation uses the Multisite feature, our service can take care of your entire website network without having to purchase a plan for each site individually. You will need a customized plan and we invite you to contact us.

* Available with select plans only

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