Need to migrate
your WordPress site?

Whether you need to transfer your WordPress site from one hosting provider to another or change your CMS, contact our team of WordPress experts.

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Can you migrate my WordPress site?

Yes! We regularly migrate websites from one hosting provider to another or convert sites from other technologies to WordPress. Whether your site is large or small, simple or complex, our team has the technical know-how required to successfully migrate it.


How can you help me?

All our mandates start with a call whose purpose is to clearly understand your needs and validate if we can help you.

Following this call, we'll submit you a proposal that meets your business goals and ensures a return on investment. Upon approval of our proposal, the work can begin!


What does a WordPress migration include?

Backup Copy

The first step is to make a complete backup copy of your WordPress site in its current state. This way, we ensure your peace of mind, ensuring no data can get lost during the transfer.

Configuration Recovery

Once the initial backup is completed, we recover your website's external configurations that are necessary to its proper working. This includes any automated tasks and external connections used by your website.

Site Transfer

The site transfer, which is the crucial step of the process, can now begin. All the information gathered during the previous steps is used to efficiently perform the migration from one server to another, or from one technology to another.


Following the data migration from one server to another, tests are performed by our team to ensure nothing has been forgotten. After these tests, the client is invited to personally validate the transfer before the new environment is made accessible to visitors.

DNS Zone Modification

Everything has been successfully transferred and tested! It's now time to make your newly migrated WordPress site available to visitors. The last step is to modify the DNS zone in order to redirect the traffic from the old server to the new one. The migration is now complete!

Our experts can carry out complex migrations

Load Balancing

Your website uses a load balancer? No problem. We have the experience and the expertise to ensure that the migration is done properly.

Distributed Data

Your data is distributed across multiple databases in different data centers? Our team can make sure that this process also goes smoothly. We regularly deal with high volume websites.

Lightning Fast

We can also advise you on the perfect type of hosting provider for your WordPress website. Each website is unique and the needs vary from one to another. Let us recommend the best solution to optimize your website's performance.

Contact one of our experts in order to migrate your WordPress site today!

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