Pavel Zaharciuc

Pavel Zaharciuc est étudiant en informatique de gestion au collège Montmorency, à Laval. Il est présentement stagiaire chez SatelliteWP et contribue à différents outils d'analyse et d'expérience-client.

PO Merger

PO Merger for WP-CLI: The WordPress Translation Simplifier

In this article, the second in a series of two on translation in a WordPress environment, I would like to describe the steps involved in conceptualizing and developing the tool PO Merger and its use. The problem that led to the creation of the tool is explained in the first article of this series and…

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WordPress Traduction

Translating WordPress: Sharing & Automation

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that most people on the web would like their achievements to be available in all languages. This has the benefit of attracting and informing the greatest number of visitors or clients. The rapidly growing popularity of the WordPress platform around the globe has underlined the importance of delivering translated…

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