HTTPS Conversion for WordPress

Installation and configuration of SSL certificate (HTTPS) for WordPress sites

What is an SSL certificate ?

SSL certificates use the HTTPS protocol to allow for data encryption between a visitor on your web site and the web server where your site is hosted. This process is essential to secure your data during the transmission of information between the visitor and your WordPress site.

Does my WordPress site need an SSL certificate ?

If you use WordPress, an SSL certificate is essential to protect the data exchanged via your web site.

SSL certificate is essential to connect to your administrative section, to allow visitors to fill out forms or to operate an online business.


Chrome and the "Not Secure" warning

Starting in October 2017, Google Chrome (version 62) will add the warning "Not Secure"in the address bar of any web page with a form, to warn visitors that their data will be insecurely transmitted.

This measure will have a negative impact on the trust your visitors have towards your site.

Do not wait until it is too late. Solve this situation right now!

Why convert to HTTPS ?


SSL certificates allow for the secure transmission of data during information exchange on your web site. It also protects data from being stolen or intercepted.


Using the HTTPS protocol provides confidence to your visitors that your site is secure and that you have the integrity of the data being shared with your business at heart.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

For years now, search engines like Google positively affect the ranking of websites using the HTTPS protocol. This is another reason to consider!

What is HTTPS conversion ?

1) Our team begins by making a backup of your current WordPress site before starting actual work.

2) We install the SSL certificate and configure it to function with your site.

3) Our experts will then modify all the links directed towards the content of your WordPress site to ensure that they all now exclusively use the HTTPS protocol.

4) Finally, our team validates the proper operation of your site with your new SSL certificate.


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