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Why does speed matter ?

Nobody likes to wait. This is as true for visitors to your site as it now is for search engines.

If you website takes more than 2 seconds to load, you're losing money. Your visitors will abandon their course of action more often and search engines will penalize your site by lowering its ranking, impacting your Search Engine Optimization efforts (SEO).

Why is my website slow ?

A WordPress website may be slow for a number of reasons: its web hosting plan, its theme, plugins used, the content, the number of image files loaded, the size of these images...

Reasons for which a WordPress site may slow down are therefore many.

You website could follow 95% of industry best practices and still be slow. Only a complete diagnostic may help identify all the issues and solve their root causes.


How can I speed up my WordPress site ?

Web Hosting Choice & Configuration

Without quality web hosting, having a fast website is almost impossible.

First, we will validate the web hosting server's performance level and whether it's adequate. Then, we'll ensure all software packages are up to date so that your site may reach it's full potential.

Image Optimization

We optimize all your graphics files by reducing their size in relation to the size they will be viewed at by your visitors. In many cases, we can significantly decrease the weights of images, and by the same token, decrease the time required for loading your web pages.

Caching Strategy

We install and configure a caching plugin which will speed up the delivery of page assets to your visitors, since these content will have been generated beforehand. The result will be a faster loading page, and reduced wait times for all operations.

Content Distribution

Another way to speed up a website is to activate and use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) so that your site's content be rendered as static files and distributed across the globe in different data centers.

This will reduce the distance between a visitor and your web hosting server, and will minimize your website's  latency.

Load Balancing

For very high traffic websites, we install and configure object caching plugins such as Redis or Memcache. We also build an architecture allowing for the réplication of your database in order to optimize its reads and write cycles.

Finally, we activate and configure a load balancing service so we may add additional web servers and respond to suddent traffic spikes.

WP Rocket Experts

As experts in performance tuning for WordPress websites, SatelliteWP is proud to be the first service to be certified by WP Rocket with regards to our advanced expertise with the most powereful caching plugin for WordPress.

Members of the SatelliteWP team use WP Rocket since its beginnings and have contributed to improving it in multiple ways!

WP Rocket themselves even use for their internal needs a special configuration created by SatelliteWP.


What does Performance Tuning entail for my WordPress site ?

1. Analysis

Our team will perform an analysis of your situation. This step allows us to document what factors may cause performance issues on your site.

We provide you with a detailed report which explains the results of our analysis, the issues we've noticed, a set of recommendations as well as an estimate should we perform the work.

2. Tuning

We proceed to tuning the configuration of your WordPress site.

Based on the analysis report from the previous step, we will perform the various modifications and adjustments required to correct the issues detected on your current site configuration.

Once this is completed, your website will be tuned letting you benefit from optimal results !


Consult one of our experts in order to improve the performance of your WordPress website today!

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