How to Leverage Your WordPress Skills for Big Money

That’s it! My first talk in English was done at WordCamp Halifax 2017: How to Leverage Your WordPress Skills for Big Money.

It has been an amazing journey leading to this. Before I share my slides, I’d like to thank the WordCamp Halifax organizers Alison, Tara and Richard, everybody that showed up and my partner Jean-François for the awesome trip so far.

If you did not have time (or guts!) to talk to me, let’s connect. It’s never too late. Remember that proximity is power and that taking massive action is the way to go.

I explained the 7 rules to big money. They are:

  1. Don’t compete on pricing;
  2. Be THE authority;
  3. Challenge your clients;
  4. Bring more value;
  5. Focus on ROI (Return on Investment);
  6. Proximity is power;
  7. Take massive action.

Without further ado, here are my slides:



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