Is your WordPress site actually up to date?

A well-managed WordPress site is as secure as any other web platform , despite several myths that persist about WordPress.

On the other hand, do not be fooled, WordPress remains interesting for malicious people. Why?

Simply because it is very popular and a single flaw can open the door to thousands of sites. A hacker will want to do as much damage as possible with as little effort as possible. WordPress, used on more than 43% of websites on the web and 65% of content management systems (CMS), becomes a de facto target of choice.

Your website is a target…

We’re all in hackers’ crosshairs. Get your free analysis of your current situation in less than 5 minutes.

Due to its nature and its so-called “open source” architecture, security vulnerabilities are quickly identified and corrected. This applies to WordPress as well as to plugins and themes. This information is publicly available, just know where to look.

How to counter vulnerabilities?

Be aware that while it is often advisable to stick to established players, none of them are immune to being affected by one of the security breaches. All software is likely to be, whether on the web, on your mobile or on your computer.

You are probably already aware of this reality and perform your updates correctly. On the other hand, this practice can give you a false sense of security.

There can be several scenarios where a plugin give the impression of being up to date, but isn’t. It is this situation that I discuss in the following video (French only):

The next step?

Being WordPress experts and working with it on a daily basis, our various WordPress maintenance packages are perfect to counter these kinds of problems and avoid problems. Your investments and achievements will be protected by our service and we will also monitor your site for these kinds of vulnerabilities.

Let us take care of the maintenance of your website and free up time to work more towards the success of your business!

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