SatelliteWP celebrates its 5th anniversary!

It’s already been 5 years since the Satellite was launched!

What was a “side project” to evaluate if there was a market for the maintenance of WordPress sites between 2 experts passionate about WordPress now makes a whole team live!

In just 5 years, we:

Your website is a target…

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  • helped more than 300 clients;
  • answered more than 10,000 technical support tickets;
  • performed more than 100,000 backups and updates to client websites;
  • ran hundreds of thousands of security scans;
  • want to say “thank you” a million times to our clients and employees for the trust they’ve placed in us on a daily basis!

When we started this adventure, a website experienced an average of 44 attacks per day. The most recent data from 2022 showed that a website is now attacked 172 times a day.

Your website is an active member of your team that works tirelessly and our services aim to ensure its well-being!

If we are able to make a living from our passion for WordPress and its various technical aspects, it is thanks to all our clients’ businesses that have believed in us for the last 5 years.

Creating a website is only the beginning

Many businesses feel that going live with their website is the end of the process and that they will now be able to simply use their new site. However, just like with a car, your new acquisition must be maintained. This is the raison d’être of SatelliteWP.

Your car needs oil and tire changes. Your website needs backups, updates and security scans!

If anyone can click the “Update” button, few people know what to do when a conflict arises and the site no longer works properly.

And while anyone can install a backup plugin, few know how to validate whether their backup is functional let alone restore it.

In short, what seems simple and quick to do is actually a world of subtleties!

A big thank you!

For 5 years now, we’ve been reducing our clients’ exposure to risk on a daily basis in addition to helping them strengthen their presence on the web.

Our services are complementary to a web agency which will usually take care of the initial website creation. We focus on the technical aspects (WordPress maintenance, increasing the speed of the site, disinfecting following a hack, etc.) to help you focus on your strengths.

Thank you for your confidence and we look forward to continuing working with you!

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