Maxime Jobin

Maxime Jobin est le co-fondateur de SatelliteWP. L'automatisation et la performance sont ses passions professionnelles. Il aime partager son expertise et ses expériences de manière à transmettre ses connaissances pour éviter que les autres commettent les mêmes erreurs. Axé sur l’efficacité et le retour sur investissement, il est un expert en analyse et développement de solutions informatisées.

Marie-Philippe Gill

SatelliteWP Rewards Marie-Philippe Gill for her Involvement

My name is Maxime and I’m the Co-Founder of SatelliteWP. I was a full-time student for more than 5 years in Computer Science. In a group of about 70 students, we’d be lucky if there were 5 women in the room, for a male / female ratio below 10%. Ouch! I remember at the time wanting…

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WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5 is now available!

It’s official! WordPress 5.0 is now available. If you do not own a WordPress maintenance plan from us and you manage your own site, we strongly suggest that you do not update to this version for a couple of weeks. WordPress 5.0 introduces major changes to the content editor and that could impact negatively your…

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WordPress 5.0 - Gutenberg

WordPress 5.0 is coming. What’s going to happen?

If you follow the WordPress news, you know that the launch of version 5.0 is coming. This could happen in November (we doubt it) or at the beginning of 2019. This major version could create problems on your website depending on your current setup. As WordPress experts performing maintenance work, we recently got in touch…

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WordPress disguised minor update

Warning: WordPress 4.9.6 Really is a Major Update

We are days away from 4.9.6. This is no minor release. If releasing Gutenberg, the new website editor, is a statement for WordPress version 5.0, this next update is for GDPR and really should be using a different version number such as 4.10… even if WordPress never went past “.9” in previous versions.   Why does this…

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Let's Encrypt wildcard

Let’s Encrypt now supports wildcards

The non-profit Let’s Encrypt, created to encourage the use of SSL certificates for free, announced earlier this week that the usage of “wildcard” certificates was now possible. Last June, Let’s Encrypt told the world that wildcard would be available in January 2018. However, we had to wait as the project was delayed.   But what…

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Google Chrome HTTPS

Google will force the transition to HTTPS for July 2018

By marking sites not using SSL certificate with the mention “Not secure” if a form contained confidential data this last September, Google sent a clear message that the unsecured web was destined to disappear. With the soon to be released version 68 of Chrome, Chrome’s security product manager Emily Schechter recently announced that the measure would…

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Slow WordPress website

My WordPress website is slow. What should I do ?

A slow WordPress site is not beneficial to anyone. It’ll be annoying for your visitors to browse and it will drastically increase the chances of them leaving to the competition.

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WordPress Mise à jour - Update

WordPress releases version 4.9.2

Yesterday, January 16th 2018, the WordPress team released version 4.9.2, a minor update which corrects an important security issue.

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Is your website at risk of cross contamination?

Since we offer a WordPress website maintenance service, we are brought upon to examine different web hosting configurations in order to help our clients in their technology decisions. One of the most neglected aspect surely has to be the cross contamination of websites. The reason is simple : none of the website owners have ever…

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Happy holidays to all

The holiday break begins in a few hours. We would like to take a few moments to wish all our customers and collaborators happy holidays! May 2018 be a year of easy maintenance, spectacular performance and increased security! See you next year! Happy New Year 2018!

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